Las Vegas Recap – Day 1

First of all, I won $607 on the Megabucks machine! My unlucky streak seems to have come to an end after only sixteen years! I think being married has brought me new luck (though not if you count my early morning losses today).  The day is young though, so I will keep you posted.  At least I’m playing on “their” money now for a change.

Last night we celebrated my Dad’s 80th birthday.  It was incredible.  He was gorgeous as always, and we all met at Encore at my big brother’s suite.  We had champagne and delicious hors d’oeuvres, and my Dad gave a heartfelt, beautiful speech.  I was quite teary.  He is just so adorable, and talked about losing our Mom and how much my brothers and I helped him through that very difficult time, and how much he loves all of us.  Then he talked about meeting his New Love and how much happiness she has brought into his life.  Cry, cry, cry.  Then toast with some more champagne.

The dinner was off the charts… one of the best meals we have ever eaten.  We were at Switch, and my Dad was wined and dined like you cannot imagine.  We had:

Short ribs,

2 salads,


2 kinds of Dover Sole,

Beef Wellington,


Mashed potatoes and mac and cheese,


Every course was matched with delicious wines.

Dessert? Of course.  Chocolate soufflés for everyone and then a huge gorgeous cake that had cards on it and the words “Some Dealer!”.  Those are the sarcastic words that my Dad uses to complain on a daily basis to the dealers at The Wynn when he is playing Pai Gow Poker.  And port to go with…

OMG! We wheeled ourselves into the casino after dinner because walking was out of the question.  That, of course, after we escorted my Dad and his girlfriend to their chauffeur driven limo and paid the driver extra to take his time driving them home so they could have a little alone time in the back (just kidding, but it did cross my mind!).

Daddy, I hope we don’t have to eat so much tonight.  We are on our way to the gym to sweat it out now.  Otherwise we may not fit into tonight’s outfits.  We may have to go to the Big and Tall shops this afternoon to find something to get into.

You’ll never be 80 again Daddy, but we are looking forward to celebrating many, many more special days together.

Las Vegas rocks! It is in the high 90’s here.  I hear it’s raining in NY.  That’s so sad (for those of you in NY that is).  We are going to sun at the pool.


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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