Happy 80th Birthday Daddy!

OMG! What does it mean that my father is turning 80 tomorrow???

A few things:

1. He is old;

2. Great genes run in my family (at least on one side);

3. I am old!

I remember my Dad’s 40th birthday.  My Mom planned a big surprise party for him in the city.  She told him that we were coming in for the night for a family dinner.  When we arrived at the Hilton, and entered the penthouse suite, it was obvious that this was no family dinner.  They were setting up… tables, barware, seating galore.  Hard to keep a secret when there are twenty five people scurrying around your hotel suite.

And my outfit… that I will never forget either.  I wore a black velvet blazer with matching hot pants, and white lacy tights.  Lace-up black patent leather boots completed the ensemble.  We have photos of all of us dressed to the nines on the staircase leading up to our bedrooms.  Everyone was so glamourous, and I watched in awe as my parents friends danced sexily as the evening progressed, usually not with the partners they had arrived with.  The liquor flowed easily back then.

So.  What do we do for 80? I will tell you this: I am not wearing that outfit again.  It was very cute when I was ten, but not so much at fifty.  Get it? My dad is thirty years older than me.

He is so handsome.  He actually gets better looking with age (I would say “cuter” but he never liked that word.  He always preferred to be referred to as handsome, and since he is so old now I will defer to his wishes.)

We are all flying out to Vegas to be with him tomorrow.  Me.  My husband.  My big brother who lives in L.A., and his lovely wife.  My little brother, who is now the COO of Foxwoods (kicking butt big time in Connecticut!).  My dad’s beautiful (and young) girlfriend. 

Tomorrow we will toast him with champagne, and wine, and lots of very decadent and delicious food.  It will not be the kind of party we threw for him forty years ago, but it is what he wants today.

And he is a man who gets what he wants.

I love you Daddy.  Happy 80th Birthday.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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