The Good News and the Bad News

The bad news first…

It is pouring out.  I mean really, really pouring.  Teeming.  And, of course, I had showings and a photo shoot today, not to mention work, errands, more work, more errands. 

More bad news…

It is supposed to rain for days and days and I really do not like rain.  Yes, I know it’s good for plants and drinking and bathing and all that, but I really would prefer if it rained only when I am sleeping.  Wouldn’t that make sense?

And now for the good news…

It did not rain on Wednesday September 21, 2011.  Did you know that I got married? I did.  I got married on September 21st, two days ago.  Normally when I leave the beauty parlour it is raining, but it did not rain on Wednesday afternoon.  In fact, I rode my bicycle to and from the beauty parlour.

Okay, so it did rain a bit that evening, but who cared? I was already married, and my hair looked great it the photos.

I really don’t know what else to say, other than “Rain, rain go away”, and I am ready (so ready) to move to Los Angeles.



About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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