“I Don’t Know How She Does It” Review

Sometimes, as a working mom, it is actually painful to watch other working mothers trying to juggle marriage, children, and career.  I had a bit of this last night as I watched Sarah Jessica Parker doing the juggling act to a much more difficult degree than I ever did.  Her job required a lot more travel than my previous jobs did when my children were young, and honestly, if a woman really had the career and demands that she has in this film I think she would have a nervous breakdown.  But Kate (played by SJP) figures it out in the end, of course.

The movie is adorable.  SJP is a bit too old for the part, but she still basically pulls it off, and she is a good comedic actress.  And, nobody can run during a snowstorm in stilettos like she can (thank you “Sex and the City” for years of practice!).

Greg Kinnear is basically a non-entity as her husband.  Pierce Brosnan is adorable as Jack Abelhammer, and they seem to have put him in a girdle because he looks pretty buff.  My favorite two co-stars were both women, and both brilliant.  Christina Hendricks (from “Mad Men”) looks absolutely beautiful as Kate’s best friend Allison, a single working mom.  And Olivia Munn, as Momo Hann (an unemotional hard-working sidekick to Kate) is fantastic too.  Let’s not even mention Kelsey Grammar as his part is not really worth mentioning.

Overall, the movie was adorable.  Unimportant.  A good way to spend an hour and a half without thinking about anything of importance.  Isn’t that what movies are for sometimes? It worked for me.  Popcorn, a smuggled Starbucks green iced tea, a soft cushy seat, my fiance by my side.  What could be better? I totally recommend this movie and so does he.


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