The Age of Love

Love has no age limits.  I know.  It took me forty-seven years to meet the man of my dreams, and not for lack of trying.  Actually, I wasn’t trying at all when I met him, and neither was he.  Maybe this was part of the trick.  Maybe not.

I am madly in love for the first time in my life.  I am fifty years old.  I am getting married in six days.  I can’t wait.  Never before have I loved someone more and more every single day, no matter what (children not included of course.  My love for my children grows stronger every day too, no matter what, but that’s a totally different story, and a totally different type of love).

I am taking his name.  Crazy you think? I don’t care.  I want to share his name.  I want to share everything with him.  I want to take care of him in thirty years, when he’s like his adorable father.  I want to take care of him today, like I did earlier when I changed a little bandage on his leg.  I will always take care of him and I will always love him.  I have never been sure of this before, but I am now.  I will proudly be Mrs. to his Mr. for the rest of my life.

My father is almost eighty years old and he’s madly in love.  His girlfriend is fifty-three.  She is beautiful and well-toned and successful.  She loves him madly too.  Go figure.  My dad was married to my mom for fifty-two years and they were madly in love too, but in a different way at the end.  His girlfriend today does not replace my mother, but she adds to my father’s life in a way that he is grateful for every day (so am I!).  My father’s eighty is your average man’s sixty-five, only better.  Better why? Better looking, better dressed, nicer, more appreciative of life, a true lover of women.  His girlfriend may be a lot younger, but she is very lucky to have him too. 

My daughter is seventeen and she is madly in love.  She thinks that she may marry her girlfriend when they’re old enough, and I think she could be right.  They connect in a way that I have never seen her connect before.  She may be young, but she may already know.  Maybe she learned from watching me flounder.  Who knows? Her seventeen may be the new twenty-one. 

I am surrounded by people in love.  I am inspired by people who have kept their emotions alive year after year, as this has been my biggest challenge.  I ask questions.  I observe. 

Unhappy? Not in love? Worried? Don’t be.  Love does not have any age limits.  Open your heart and your mind.  You are never too old (or even if you are, there’s someone even older out there who will think of you as young).  Be creative.  Be open.  Don’t be afraid. 

I never thought that I would find this kind of love, which is why I entered willingly into other relationships.  Also, if I hadn’t moved out of those relationships I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Think about it.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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2 Responses to The Age of Love

  1. Susan H says:

    Mazel Tov. I am very happy for you. I waited until my forties to get married and my husband was well worth the wait. I bet your positive and upbeat attitute attracted you to such a great guy. I do not know you, but from reading your blog I can tell you are the kind of person people adore. You deserve the best and I can not wait to read more. Thank you for this inspirational post. I plan to share it with all my single friends who think they are too old to meet someone special.

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