“The Millionaire Matchmaker” is Back

“The Millionaire Matchmaker” is back on t.v., and I have several questions:

What happened to Patti Stanger’s somewhat “normal” assistants? They have been dropping like flies, but there is never any mention of where they went.

Why are her only two remaining staff members so extremely strange?

Why can’t she find a husband, or even a boyfriend?

Would you hire a matchmaker who is fifty years old and has never been married? I don’t even think she dates.  I sell real estate.  Would you buy an apartment from me if I had lost money on every real estate investment that I ever made? I hope not. 

What has happened to Patti’s face? It is all bloated and lumpy, especially around the eyes.  Did she have some “work” done to celebrate her fiftieth birthday last May, or is she vomiting up her frozen yogurt to keep those recently lost pounds off?

Why can’t she get a decent guy on her show? They are all so young, so unattractive, and so obnoxious lately.

Why is she so mean to the prospective daters? Doesn’t she realize that most of these young women probably can’t afford the wardrobes she is suggesting that they get before the mixer the following night? Does she enjoy humiliating these hopeful young things publicly?

All of these questions baffle me, but still…

I am hooked.

I will watch her religiously this season, as I always do.  I love the concept of the show, but just wish the results were better.  Have we ever seen a couple who actually fell in love and got married as a result of Patti’s matchmaking skills? Not that I know of.  So what makes her a “successful” matchmaker? The fact that she now has a car and driver?

I am baffled, but I still adore her.





About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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