“Entourage” is Ending. Boo Hoo!

I love “Entourage” and I just found out that this Sunday will be the final episode.  I’m crying. 

“Entourage” is television at its very best.  Why do the best shows always have to end? I am still crying about “The Sopranos” going off the air.  I am still crying that “Sex and the City” is no longer on every week.  “The Mind of the Married Man.” “Six Feet Under.”

It wouldn’t be so bad if an equal number of amazing new shows replaced them, but they don’t.  I am starving for some great “almost” free television.

“Entourage” has been brilliant this season and now it’s ending.  It’s one thing when a show ends on a really low note, like “U.S. of Tara” did recently, but it’s very hard to take when things are so interesting.

All I can say is:

Vince had better NOT die;

Eric and Sloane had better get back together; and

Ari and his wife had better get back together.

HBO and SHOWTIME… please bring us some incredible new shows! It looks like it is going to be a very long, cold winter here in New York City (based on the fact that it has been low 60’s all week and it’s the beginning of September.  Not a good sign.  Global warming — oh no!).

Thankfully we still have “Weeds” and “The Big C” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Californication” and “Nurse Jackie” and “Hung” and “Mad Men”.  At least I think we have them all.



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