Movie Review: “Our Idiot Brother”

Last night we saw “Our Idiot Brother”.  We liked it, though I thought it was a bit slow.

Really, anything starring Paul Rudd (who is becoming quite the leading man lately!) is easy to watch.  He is:

Easy on the eyes, and


His smile can melt your heart, as it does regularly in the film.

Rudd plays Ned, the black sheep in the middle of a family of women… three sisters, and a mother who is never seen without a glass of white wine clenched in her hand (even while she’s sleeping in one scene).  He is a man without sensors, a believer in the truth and in the goodness of people.  His innocence gets him in trouble again and again.

The movie is filled with beautiful women, three of them Ned’s sisters.  Zooey Deschanel is sexy and gorgeous, as always, playing Natalie, a sexually liberal free spirit.  Emily Mortimer is Liz, the only married sister.  Her husband is a philandering control freak, and Liz has lost her mojo after giving birth to her youngest child, five month old Echo (the elder sibling is seven year old River.  The interplay between Ned and River is adorable by the way).  And finally there is Miranda, played by Elizabeth Banks (here a brunette).  Miranda is struggling as a young writer at Vanity Fair, trying to make her mark with an article about an important young heiress.

Ned manages to wreak havoc in all of his sisters’ lives, while trying to get himself back on his feet.  Most importantly, he wants to regain custody of his dog (and best friend) Willie Nelson.

See it.  It’s light.  It’s cute.  It will make you chuckle, if not laugh out loud.  It’s a good end of the summer movie, and it is Labor Day folks… unfortunately.  But let’s not say that summer is over because it really isn’t if you consider the seasonal calendar.  We have two and a half weeks left.  Let’s milk it for all it’s worth.


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