Hamptons Summer Recap, 2011

Well, summer isn’t officially over yet, but as Labor Day approaches it is certainly feeling like fall is creeping in.  Women are wearing leather jackets to dinner with their white jeans (gotta get those lost few wearings in before the white hits the closet again), men are throwing on cashmere sweaters.  The sun is setting earlier and earlier, but you don’t want me to remind you, do you? There’s nothing better than summer.

Here are some favorites from Summer 2011 in the Hamptons…

Best Restaurants:

Tutto il Giorno – The food is fresh, interesting and completely delicious.  The staff are friendly, service is great, and the crowd is great.  We have been to the one in Sag Harbor but not the second in Southampton (though we have heard good things about that one as well).  The chicken milanese is a must!;

Dave’s Grill – in Montauk, so get ready to drive (unless you live in Montauk of course).  Speed dialing necessary for reservations, but the food, service and ambience make it worthwhile.  If you like mussels try them here.

Best Take-Out Lunches:

Espresso in Sag Harbor,

Any Golden Pear (Bridgehampton, East Hampton, Southampton, Sag Harbor).  Great wraps and chopped salads.  However, their incredible iced tea is no longer so incredible (and $5 each) and neither are their nuts.

Best Restaurants to Take Children:

La Superica in Sag Harbor,

Conca D’Oro in Sag Harbor,

Candy Kitchen in Bridgehampton,

La Fondita in Amagansett (outdoor seating with room to run around), and

Turtle Crossing in East Hampton.

Best Yoga:

Still Mandala in Amagansett.  Love Jen F., Lisa Z., Leah.

Best Movie Popcorn:

Southampton.  East Hampton popcorn is yuck.

Best Beach:

Used to be Gibson in Sagaponack but the drop-off has become treacherous as you enter and exit.  Straight Beach in Bridgehampton now takes the prize.  Of course, if you’re looking to surf, head to Ditch Plains in Montauk.  I am not a surfer!

Best Town for Shopping:

East Hampton, hands down.

Best Place to Live:

Bridgehampton.  So centrally located! Easy drives everywhere and not “too” far from the city.

Best Place to Buy Groceries:

King Kullen in the Bridgehampton Commons, especially early early in the morning or late at night when the aisles are not crowded and the checkout lines are minimal, and

Farmstands for local fruit and vegetables.

Best Places to Run:

Long Beach in Sag Harbor into town… lots of beach and water along the way and wide shoulders,

All around Bridgehampton and Sagaponack south of the highway.  Flat and beautiful.

Best Day Trips:

Ferry to Shelter Island for hiking or on to the North Fork for wineries, walking around and a meal.

Best Real Estate Deals:

None.  Despite a supposedly awful economy, there are no bargains to be found at the moment.  Think Florida or Las Vegas instead if you’re looking for a great deal or a long term investment.

Best Place to Get Engaged:

Walking hand in hand on the beach.







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One Response to Hamptons Summer Recap, 2011

  1. Janet says:

    Hi Mallory! Is there a message in that last sentence?

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