“Then Came You” Book Review

I always enjoy Jennifer Weiner’s novels, but “Then Came You” breaks the mold.  It is really educational, interesting, and entertaining.

Weiner tells the story of one egg donation, and follows the women involved:

The young, beautiful, brilliant egg donor with a very sick father,

The surrogate mother with tremendous financial pressures and two young boys of her own,

The adoptive mother who is too old to conceive once she is finally ready to be a mom, and

The adoptive mother’s suspicious and unhappy stepdaughter.

We all hear about sperm donors and egg donors and surrogacy, but I’m not sure how often we really think about all of the people involved in the potential birth of one single baby (other than those going through it of course).  In “Then Came You” Weiner brings us inside the lives and minds of all of these women.

You will like them all.  You will feel their pain and come to understand why they are involved in this situation.

I definitely recommend this! Great Labor Day read.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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