Living Like a Pilgrim

For the past few days we have been living like pilgrims, or Indians, or something a long time ago.  We have woken at dawn and fallen asleep as the sun went down.  We had no power for fifty-two hours.  It was a lot worse than we had imagined in a lot of ways, but not as bad in others.

The ways (really the way, singular)  in which it wasn’t as bad as we expected:

1. We had water! We had filled our bathtubs up, which ended up not being necessary.  We were actually able to flush our toilets and take showers at home.

The ways in which it was worse than we had expected (notice that this section is not singular!):

1. We never really believed it would happen (power outage);

2. Our city apartment building (which was in a mandatory evacuation zone) was unscathed;

3. The power stayed off for fifty-two hours;

4. Not watching t.v. or using the internet really is pretty difficult, especially when you are squinting to read a novel on your kindle by candlelight;

5. Other people had power nearby, which made us even more frustrated;

6. LIPA would never give us a straight answer;

7. Our pool and hot tub are beyond filthy and our pool person is nowhere to be found;

8. Our house is filthy and our housekeeper is also M.I.A.;

9. Not knowing when our power was going to be restored was especially frustrating as we tried to juggle family and friends and plans for the upcoming holiday weekend;

10. A vacation really doesn’t feel like a vacation when you have no power.

Okay, I will stop complaining now.  Our power is back.  We are listening to music and cleaning the house before our friends arrive tomorrow.  The sun is shining.  The U.S. Open is on t.v.  Long live technology! Boo to blackouts.  With all of the things we do have, wouldn’t you think they could figure out a better way to run and restore power? Sort of like birthing babies if you know what I mean.

About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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