Waiting for Irene…

Here we sit, waiting for Irene.  The preparation and anticipation is excruciating, especially when your boyfriend is Jewish.  Oy! He is so worried about what he is going to eat when we lose power.  I have peanut butter for him.  Crackers.  Whole wheat flagels.  Nuts.  Power bars.  Dried fruit.  Unripe bananas.  Tuna fish.  And on and on and on.  He is still worried.  He wants to go out and buy more food.  We have been to the supermarket ten times in the past three days.

The towns are boarding up.  Stores are closing.  Jewelers are emptying their showcases, afraid of possible looting.  At yoga this morning our teacher joked that she was afraid we were going to be boarded in during class, as every shop around the studio was busy hammering away, closing their windows.

The movie theaters are all closed.  Big bummer.  We thought that going to a movie before the storm hits would be fun, but no such luck.  The storm is not really supposed to hit until tomorrow at noon, but here we sit.


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1 Response to Waiting for Irene…

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    I remember this feeling as typhoons approached while I lived on the coast of Japan. Most of the time, I found the approach exhilarating, but I remember there was one ginormous storm whose course was unclear. My roommate and I were glued to the TV, praying it would take a different course (away from land) or diminish. That time, it did both, but there were other typhoons that did neither while I was there. Good luck.

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