The Big Apple Resigns

It was a sad day yesterday when Steve Jobs resigned from his position as the CEO of Apple.  Jobs had said that he would resign when he was no longer healthy enough to hold the reins.  His cancer has obviously progressed, making him unable to continue in his role.  This just goes to show what I say all the time:

Money cannot buy health or happiness.

So many famous, successful, wealthy people are stricken by disease.  They live compromised lives, or die too soon.  Maybe money can buy them better care than the average person gets, but Jobs is just another example of the fact that no matter how rich you are, money does not guarantee happiness.

My boyfriend and I saw Michael J. Fox walking in town in Southampton last week.  Parkinson’s disease struck him at a tragically young age.  A successful actor, a loving father and husband, he seemingly had everything.  And then he got Parkinson’s disease.  His life is dictated by medications that will lessen his tremors so he can do simple tasks like walking down the street with his family, or making a speech at a fundraiser.

So what am I saying? It’s simple:

Enjoy today because it could be your last.

Right Daddy?


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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