Bethenny Frankel is Movin’ On Up

I love Bethenny Frankel, the smartest Real Housewife ever.  Only one season of abuse and she got:

A $120 million buyout for her SkinnyGirl cocktail brand,

Her own television show,

A speaking tour,

A cute husband, and

An adorable baby girl.

But Bethenny, what happened to L.A.? I am relieved that you are moving on up (though literally moving a few short blocks down) from 255 Hudson.  Frankly, I was surprised that you lived there in the first place.  I live in their sister building, which is much nicer.  We have the same finishes, but a better location, a gym, free private storage, bike rooms, and even a pet spa!

But now I see that you have purchased a $5 million place at 195 Hudson.  Better location for sure, but I thought you guys were moving to L.A.  You know I’m trying to move to L.A., right? I’m just wondering what happened.  Is 195 Hudson just your NYC crash pad now that you have made $120 million? Are you still looking in L.A.? I hope so.  You and Jason looked so happy there, and baby Bryn would be a very lucky girl to grow up in such a gorgeous part of the country.

I was hoping to read that you had bought that gorgeous beach house that you rented over the winter in Malibu.  That house was incredible! And you can afford it.

See you in the ‘hood sister.

Bethenny Frankel rocks.




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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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