The Results Are In… Sort Of

Well, the official results have just been posted. My goal was to finish in under 27 minutes.  My finish time was 26:58, so I made it (just).  I was sub-9’s, which I am happy with.  I placed 5th for women between 50 and 54 — yay!

The last time I ran Ellen’s Run was in 2008, and my time was 26:13.  So, I continue to slow down as I age (wahhh… the story of my life).  I was in the throes of marathon training at the time though, and three years younger.  I am pretty okay with my time today.  I set my own goals, trying to pass particularly old and overweight people along the way.  There were an impressive number of young children running, some as young as 7.  They were adorable and already showing their competitive spirits.  One boy in particular was determined to beat his dad.  He went out quickly, but when I passed him before the 2 mile mark he was walking.  I’m afraid he pushed too hard too early.  He’s young though.  He will learn to pace.  And, doubtless, he will learn to beat his dad.

My boyfriend agreed to run slowly with our friend, as he (the friend) has had knee surgery not too long ago and couldn’t push it.  I was a bit bummed, because I wanted to race against my boyfriend, but I will have to sign us up for something else very soon.  Who would have won? I will never know.

The race continues…


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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One Response to The Results Are In… Sort Of

  1. Ellen's Run says:

    So glad you ran today and came out to support Ellen’s Run! Can’t wait to see you next year!

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