North Fork Update

My boyfriend and I went to the North Fork yesterday afternoon.  He had never been to a North Fork Winery before.  Imagine that!

We took two ferries… Sag Harbor to Shelter Island… Shelter Island to Greenport.  The ferry is nice.  Reminiscent of our Greek cruise.

We hit three wineries in very quick succession.  Lenz, Pindar, and Pellegrini.  None of them are good.  We were in and out in five minutes.  Yuck.  We are so spoiled.  For the same price you can get a delicious bottle of Italian or California wine.  These wines are not very mature, not nearly as flavorful.  Okay, okay.  I know I’m not a wine connoisseur.  I know these wines get ratings of 90 or higher by the Wine Spectator and Robert Parker, but I still don’t like any of them.  Oh well.  The wineries are pretty.  Not Pindar, but Pellegrini and Lenz for sure.

You have to pay for tastes now.  Even at $2 they are not worth it.  We left them sitting on the tasting bars for the most part.

We drove around.  It’s pretty.

Here are the problems with the North Fork:

No ocean,

Pebble beaches,

No culture,

No movies.



Lots of wineries,

Much less expensive than the Hamptons,

A beautiful merry-go-round in Greenport,

Cute shopping, though a tad touristy (sort of like Sag Harbor),

Some pretty good restaurants.

We ate at The Frisky Oyster in Greenport.  The food was truly magnificent, though I have to say that I got a horrible stomach ache.  When I say horrible I mean horrible.  I couldn’t function for the rest of the night.  I am pretty sure it was the Oysters Friskafella, which everyone insisted we HAD to try.  I am lactose intolerant in a very strange way, and these KILLED me.  I am just now feeling better.  Ouch! I was doubled over with pain.  But I digress…

The halibut and the chicken milanese were as delicious as any meal we have eaten in the Hamptons or the city this summer, and certainly better than our cruise fare.  Large portions, perfectly prepared.  The service was great and the ambiance is cozy and comfortable.

We loved the restaurant, but if you are lactose intolerant, beware!

On the way home we saw the most spectacular sunset.  Unfortunately for me, I was doubled over with pain in the passenger seat, but my boyfriend took some gorgeous photos.  He really has a fantastic eye.  Maybe he will be a photographer someday… a retired photographer.

By the way, have I mentioned how cute my boyfriend is? I totally love him.




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