Hot, Sweaty Yoga

I have been thinking about trying Bikram yoga for years.  As a fainter by nature it is not something that I wanted to try alone.  A lot of my friends practice yoga but none of them practice Bikram, so I never tried it…

Until this week that is.

My friend Lorrie was in from Del Ray, and since we’re both fainters I convinced her to go with me.  We could watch each other.  If one of us fainted the other would know what to do.  We made a code on the way to class.  If we hated it we would make an “L” symbol to the other and skip out.  We went to Hamptons Hot Yoga (terrible name, I know) at 2415 Montauk Highway, smack in the middle of Bridgehampton town.

We loved it!

Let’s start with the teacher.  Luke.  He is a beautiful man/child.  I say a man/child even though he is more likely a man because he is small.  He wore nothing but a tight and tiny pair of tight shorts.  Thank you for that outfit Luke.  It looked amazing on you.  It helped to get us through a challenging first class.  If you want to find him go to Facebook and “Friend” him.  He posts his schedule daily.  His Facebook name is Daniel Luke Strandquist.

But I digress.

The class was almost like a cult.  A dripping, sweating cult.  Everyone had their spots and everyone knew what to do.  Most people were wearing almost nothing, a la Luke.  Lorrie and I were terribly overdressed in our yoga pants and sleeveless tops.

“Live and learn,” the owner told us afterwards.

Luke took amazing care of us.  As the only Bikram virgins in the class he watched out for us and made sure we were okay.  We were, but fainting in Luke’s arms would not have been so bad, right Lorrie?

It was hot.  Very hot.  103-105 degrees.  I don’t think I have ever seen so much sweat in one room.  It was like taking a yoga class in a sauna.

It did not smell bad (my biggest concern going in).

The class was challenging but fabulous.  You feel lightheaded and dizzy at times.  You know you are working.  We both really enjoyed it, though it definitely took a lot out of us.  We loved Luke, but he heads back to the city today.  He teaches all over the place in the city at various Bikram studios.  I’m not a yoga teacher chaser though.  Convenience is key for me, and I love my Elizabeth right down the block from my apartment.  I think you have to practice Bikram regularly to reap the benefits, which are amazing: anti-aging, improved metabolic function, weight regulation and lots more.

I think I’ll wait until Lorrie is back in New York to try it again, but if I change my mind (always a woman’s prerogative) I will let you know.  I just don’t want to go alone.  Anyone up for hot, sweaty yoga? Let me know.


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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