Il Cappuccino Is a “Pass”

We ate at Il Cappuccino (on Main Street in Sag Harbor) last night with my boyfriend’s parents, who have been staying with us since Sunday.  His mom remembered eating there twice about twenty years ago, and has been dying to go back again.  His father has no recollection of having ever eaten there, even after we spent several hours there last night.  If my mother was alive and had ever eaten there she would remember what every single person at her table ate (a very rare skill that she possessed… quite funny for a woman who literally hated eating).

It was not good.  Don’t go.

The service was horrible.  We had to wait, even with a reservation, and the entire check-in process was uncomfortable, crowded, just down right unpleasant.  The food was mediocre.  It was noisy.

Forget Il Cappuccino.  If you’re in the Hamptons and you want inexpensive family style Italian I recommend:

Conca D’Oro, also on Main Street in Sag Harbor, has less atmosphere but much better food and service,

World Pie on 27 in Bridgehampton, or

Il Parmigiana (sister restaurant to Conca D’Oro) on 27 going into Southampton.

Ciao Il Cappuccino.  We tried.  You failed (they won’t miss us… it was packed!).



About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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