Take a Chill Pill!

Hello people.  It’s August.  It’s the Hamptons.  It’s gorgeous.  If you aren’t happy here there is something seriously wrong with you, so take a chill pill.

Before I left the city I lamented about the nasty city people who yell at you when you are biking.  I couldn’t understand why they were so awful and why they couldn’t just mind their own business.

When I got out here last week I was so happy that the road rage had not seemed to make the journey out here.  In fact, while running almost every day almost every single biker or runner who passed us said hello and smiled.

How nice, I thought happily.

Until yesterday…

My boyfriend and I were running yesterday morning and we were on a narrow one lane road.  A truck passed us, but not before honking long and loud from behind us.


What is your problem?

We were on the shoulder, trying to be healthy.

Get a life trucker.

Later in the day my daughter and I went into East Hampton.  You know those new crossing signs that count down the seconds you have left to cross before the light changes? Well they have those in East Hampton now.  We had seventeen seconds to go as we crossed the street and a woman honked loudly at us and screamed out the window that we were crossing at the wrong time.

Take a chill pill nasty lady who honks at pedestrians who are crossing legally.  It’s August in the Hamptons.  It’s gorgeous.  If you aren’t happy here just go back to where you came from and bother the people there.  You don’t deserve to be here if you can’t enjoy it.

Here’s some advice for unhappy vacationers:

Go to the doctor and ask for something to calm you down,

Go to a yoga class,

Take a long walk by the ocean,

Kiss your children,

Pet your dog,

Take a nap,

Read a good novel,

Go to see a light comedic movie.

Just stop honking your horns!


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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