Watch T.V., It’s Almost Free

There is so much good television these days.  Watch it, especially on a dreary, rainy day like today.  Going to the movies is great, but your t.v. is always around, and much less expensive, especially when you factor in the essentials at the movies:

Large popcorn,


Multiple diet sodas (to stave off the calories from the large popcorn) and waters,

Buncha Crunch,

Reese’s Pieces, and

Junior Mints.

I am not recommending that you have all of those candies in one day, however.  Take your pick please and no more than two.

Back to television…

Invest in On Demand if you don’t have it and start watching “The Big C” and “Entourage”. Both are great this season.  The depressing news is that “Entourage” is screening its last season and it is so good right now.  Oh well, I guess they want to go out on top, like “The Sopranos” and “Sex in the City” did (that is, assuming you don’t count the two Sex and the City movies, the second which should never have been made!).  Weeds isn’t as good as it used to be, but watch it if you run out of “The Big C” and “Entourage” episodes.  It’s better than most shows.

I am not a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” fan, though my boyfriend and daughter love it.  I find Larry David just “too”.  Too obnoxious.  Too bigoted.  Too neurotic.  Too everything.  Yes, he is occasionally really funny, but his show annoys me more than it is entertains me.

I still love “The Real Housewives of New York City”.  Can’t get enough.  I am enjoying watching LuAnn teach her daughter to drive, because it reminds me so much of teaching my own teenage daughter to drive.  LuAnn gets out of the passenger’s seat looking like she needs a martini and that is how I felt whenever I made it back alive, car unscathed.  Relief.  Big time.  We should really pay people to teach our children to drive if we are over the age of thirty, which we are, we are.

So today, while it rains, put a blanket over yourself and turn on the t.v.  Or, get into bed with your dog and turn on the t.v.  Snack cheaply (microwave popcorn costs a fraction of a movie tub, and it’s a lot less fattening too).  Take a nap if you can.  Napping is great on a rainy day.  Don’t be depressed that the sun isn’t shining.  Relax with some t.v. therapy.

Network t.v. you ask? I do like “Ellen” and “Live with Regis and Kelly”.  I even like “The View”.  Some of the cooking shows are great too, like “Top Chef”, “Cake Boss” and “No Reservations” with Anthony Bourdain (my boyfriend’s favorite, mixing travel with food).

Do you have any shows that you think I should watch? If so, let me know.  It’s going to be a long stretch out here of rainy days and I am running low on episodes.  When does “Hung” return anyway?





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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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