Movie Review: “Crazy, Stupid Love”

Cute movie.  At least I thought so.  And so did my son.  My boyfriend thought it was one of the worst movies he had ever seen, and my daughter said she enjoyed it as much as you can enjoy a stupid movie.

So… two thumbs up out of four.  These ratings are obviously not skewing based upon gender or age.  However, it was recommended to us by friends of ours (married couple, our demographics) who both loved it.  Therefore, I am going to change our rating to four thumbs up out of six.  Better odds.

If you can get over the completely unlikely chance that someone as beautiful as Julianne Moore would marry someone as unattractive as Steve Carrell I recommend seeing this movie.  It is light and breezy, totally unimportant.  Summer entertainment.

Ryan Gosling is gorgeous.  His body is crazy stupid beautiful, hence the name of the film I guess.

Emma Stone is adorable.

The whole cast is really great.  Kevin Bacon seemed miscast to me, but other than him I thought the rest of the actors were perfect.  Marisa Tomei played a very funny role, as usual.  Whoever her agent is has been casting her a lot lately.  You go, girl! We love you.

Love.  The movie is about love and there are a lot of funny twists and turns.  It is an adorable movie, though it does drag a bit at times.


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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