Best Beach?

I have seen a lot of beaches in my day.  As you probably know, I love the beach.  The sounds of the ocean are so soothing.  The sand is so soft under my feet.  Overall the experience is extremely relaxing for me.

I am not an ocean swimmer, or wave jumper, or boogie boarder, or surfer… or any of those things.  In fact, it is a rarity that I get wet, unless the water is clear, smooth, and warm.  Take me to St. Barts and I’m in.  Cabo out.  Greece in.  Hamptons… probably out.

I don’t like the undertow.  I don’t like jellyfish.  I don’t like freezing water.  But I love the vibe.  Okay, I’m a bit of an ocean wimp.  I will admit it.


Yesterday I went down to the beach in Bridgehampton.  My son and I took a long walk.  It reminded me of the twelve mile walks that I used to take with my Dad when I was my son’s age.  My Dad and I would would walk from our condo in Key Biscayne up to the zoo and back.  I treasured that time alone with him.  I wonder if my son treasures his walks with me in the same way (doubt it!).  Perhaps one day he will look back fondly though.

We told time with a stick — an old trick of mine — to see how long we had walked (about forty-five minutes).  We looked at clear little things near the surf that looked like mini jellyfish.

“Get away, Mom,” he warned me.

I’m not sure that those things are really mini jellyfish, but I wasn’t taking any chances.

I found a pretty shell and a pretty rock, but I lost the rock.  I still have the shell.

We looked at our shadows, which weren’t as tall and thin as I would have liked.

Well, what I really wanted to say when I started writing this is that I honestly don’t think there are many beaches in the entire world that are as gorgeous as our beaches out here in the Hamptons.  We are so lucky.  I don’t think most people realize how vast and beautiful our soft sandy beaches are.  And, they are so uninhabited.  It’s unbelievable.

“Do you think that house is worth $14 million?” my son asked me yesterday, pointing to a huge, gorgeous oceanfront home.

“Try $40 million,” I countered.

“Let’s turn my original estimate around,” he suggested.

“$41 million it is,” we agreed.

I love it out here.



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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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