“Friends With Benefits” Review

Two thumbs up out of four.  Hard to believe, but the two thumbs up are mine and my boyfriends — the children were indifferent.

Mila Kunis is cute.  Really  cute.  Her body cannot really be called sexy, as it is still more little girl without curves than womanly, but her skin is beautiful and you will not mind seeing a lot of her wearing very little.

Justin Timberlake is cute, but there’s always something just a little “off” about him (in my opinion) in the sexy department.  I just don’t find him sexy, despite his pretty perfect body.

The movie is cute.  It is not important.  It is harmless, entertaining.  A good summer flick.

Remember Jenna Elfman, from “Will and Grace”? She’s in it.  She has gotten older and larger, but she’s still cute.

Remember the dad from “Six Feet Under”? Richard Jenkins? He plays a small but really well-acted and probably the most important role in this movie, if there is a message to tell… which there kind of is.

The message? One I tell you all the time.  One I learned from my very own father.  Here we go again:

Life is short.

Enjoy every day because it could be your last.

Okay? Now don’t you forget it.

And stop hassling people.  It is an unnecessary waste of energy and gets you nowhere.  It just makes you look stupider and more pathetic by the day.  Look at the sky.  It’s beautiful outside.  Smell the air.  Listen to the waves.  Pet a puppy or two.

Big question: why would anyone move from L.A. to N.Y.C., especially when they live “on” the ocean?


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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