One Last Night in the Big Apple

So… we are on our way to dinner with friends in the West Village.  Very casual.  We are riding our bikes.  Why not? We should let at least a few more angry bikers yell at us or ring their bells to tell us their coming (we don’t care!).  Our last dinner in the city for the summer, unless you count those languid weeks in September when we all go back to reality…

Well, let’s not think of those right now.

Let’s just think about our last night here, having fun, and then not being here any more.  Yay!

I can’t wait to get my bare feet into that soft white sand tomorrow.  I must say, the beaches in Greece were not nearly as nice as our beaches in the Hamptons.  I don’t think that most people in the world realize how incredible we have it here, just a few hours outside of the city.  Okay, okay, I won’t mention the water temperature here being freezing, or the undertow.  Greece definitely “has” us there.  Oh well, who’s comparing anyway?

There is beauty wherever you look for it.

I feel lucky to have felt the warm Greek waters this summer, and to be heading out to the soft sand beaches on Long Island tomorrow.  I love the beach with my children.  I remember vividly when my son was a baby and then a toddler.  He was a very busy little boy, always running around, always getting into something.  Not at the beach though.  At the beach he would sit for hours, watching the surf come in, go out.  He never got very close to the water’s edge, but the vastness and the beauty mellowed him out in a way that nothing else could.  He was mesmerized, never crying or fussing.  He would dig for hours, looking for nothing.




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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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