Cruising Together

My boyfriend and I had an amazing time on our cruise to Turkey and Greece on the Oceania Nautica.  Every evening our ship would leave a port, and in the morning, when we opened our curtains, we found ourselves in another gorgeous place.

Travelling on the ocean was incredibly relaxing.  There is something so tranquil about floating on the ocean, watching the sun rise and set every day, seeing little more than a jumping fish or a faraway island.  We unpacked the first day and never had to pack or unpack again, while visiting twelve different places.  Living in and out of a suitcase is not relaxing, so this really made things easy.

If you want to relax, I totally recommend a cruise.  We were on a small ship and a relatively long cruise, both of which lend themselves to good service.  This was not one of those eat-all-you-can-drink-all-you-can cruises.  Meals were leisurely, but not frequent.  The food was pretty good.  The service was incredible.  Every day brought a new port, so you could spend as much or as little time off the ship as you chose (though we were only in the ports until 6 p.m. latest, so dinners and nightlife off the ship were not a possibility).

We are going back next summer, hopefully with at least two of our four children! We are already booked.  Venice to Barcelona, here we come.


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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