Book Review: “Silver Girl”

I read “Silver Girl” by Elin Hilderbrand while I was cruising around Greece.  It was a great vacation/beach read.

“Silver Girl” is a novelized version of Ruth Madoff’s life after her husband Bernie has been indicted for his ponzi scheme.  Hilderbrand tells the tale from the wife’s perspective (she is called Meredith in the book) and from that of her oldest friend from childhood, Connie.  Connie is the only person on the planet who stands by Meredith’s side after Bernie is arrested and the entire world is seemingly blaming her for her husband’s corruption.

Whether or not there is a lot of truth in this novel or a little, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The book explores relationships from many angles: family relationships, friendships and lovers and really makes us ask ourselves what we are willing to overlook in the face of history, blood ties and love.

If Ruth Madoff is one one hundredth the woman who is portrayed in this novel then my heart totally goes out to her and what she has gone through.  She married a deviant man and never questioned his business or personal actions, and remained by his side even after he was imprisoned for one hundred and fifty years.  The book traces her fall from grace and her journey along the path of life that makes us realize what is really important.  Not money.  Not material goods.  Not power.

What matters then? Love.  Friendship.  A beautiful summer day.  A delicious meal.  Kindness.

I totally recommend it.


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