Cruising Together

We are back from our cruise in Turkey and Greece and I have a lot of stories.  For now I will say that it was great/amazing/relaxing/fun.  We were on the Oceania Nautica, a relatively small cruise ship (684 passengers).  The service was incredible, the staff, crew and passengers were from all over the world, the ship itself was lovely.

This was our first cruise (other than a one week cruise that I was on with my parents and younger brother about thirty years ago), and we really enjoyed it.  It’s great not having to unpack but getting to travel all over and see so many places.

We met some really great people.  My favorites:

Jacques – our trainer and the fitness director,

Kelly – my new friend from New Zealand, and her lovely parents Greg and Bev,

Vicki, Rod, Danielle and Ryan – old friends from Great Neck whom I hadn’t seen in fourteen years! (weird, right?),

Wayan – our Martini’s bartender (he is head bartender at only 27 years of age!),

Willie Aames – our cruise director and former t.v. star from Eight is Enough, Charles in Charge and many others.  Boy does he have a story to tell!,

Christi and Patrick – relative newlyweds from no other than Del Ray Beach, Florida.  Christi had the best body on the boat (and probably in the entire sea),

Michelle – blackjack dealer and pointer-outer of the best slot machines,

J.R. – bingo caller extradinaire.  I am ready to buy my own bingo set for home use after playing with him.  I won on B1, which J.R. has coined “The baby of bingo!”.

The vacation was fabulous and I have tons of stories to share.  Stay tuned.





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