“Terri” – A Great Little Movie

I saw “Terri” with my daughter last night at The Angelika.  Love the theatre (great popcorn!), loved the film.

No, it is nothing like “Cyrus”, even though they both star John C. Reilly and a fat boy.  This movie is much better than “Cyrus”.

We both loved “Terri”.  The central character is an overweight teenaged boy who goes to school (arriving late every day) in his pajamas.  Why? he is asked.  Why do you think? They’re comfortable. 

The world might be a better place if we all wore our comfy p.j.s all the time.  Less chafing.  Less road rage.  Lower dry cleaning bills.  The possibilities are endless in a p.j. world.

Terri is a kind boy, parentless, living with a sick old uncle.  He doesn’t socialize.  He won’t participate in Phys Ed (do you blame him?).  He is teased for having the largest “boobies” in the school.

Enter John C. Reilly, who plays the Assistant Principal Fitzgerald (there is, apparently, no Principal).  He makes himself a quasi-therapist for Terri and a bunch of other challenged students.  Through his relationship with Fitzgerald, Terri begins to blossom, and the transformation will warm your heart (while also tormenting you). 

This movie starts out slowly, but you need this in order to feel Terri’s pain, the general ennui of his existence.  As he forms relationships you will cheer him on and grow to love him.  He is adorable, and his teenage issues, like bullying and sex and friendships, will tug at your heartstrings.

My favorite performance was Heather’s.  She is played by Olivia Crocicchia.  She is beautiful and alluring and a great young actress.  We loved her!

See “Terri”.  It won’t change your life, but it’s worth a watch.

Two enthusiastic thumb’s up!



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