Update on “The Real Housewives of NYC”

Kelly is really the only “normal” one now.  Last year she was portrayed as insane, and now she’s the only one who minds her own business and doesn’t get into crying/screaming matches with any of the other housewives.  I love her.  She’s gorgeous and cool and has an amazing sense of style.

Ramona has  completely lost her marbles.  She is an alcoholic.  Her eyes keep popping out of her head like a crazy woman.  Even her own husband didn’t rush home to see her after her week in Morocco (while she sits sipping Ramona pinot grigio, in her negligee, rose petals strewn around her).  She is in denial though, and still doesn’t realize that she looks and sounds like a crazy, drunken woman.  She thinks she’s sexy, gorgeous, the queen bee.

Simon and Alex are totally gross, but at least they love each other.  The whole reunion for the two of them with underwear and lingerie was enough to make me vomit (because they’re both so disgusting!), but there’s obviously someone for everyone and they have found each other.  Alex is annoying and really should stay in her ugly home in Brooklyn and should never have been cast on this show in the first place, and now she won’t shut up.  Nobody likes her, but she doesn’t seem to get it.  She’s the kid in the playground that nobody picks for their team.  Yuck! Go away Alex.  Stay with your yucky husband and your yucky boys.

Not sure what to say about Cindy.  I was hopeful for sure, but she is not as cool as I had hoped she would be.  I will plead the fifth for now, and keep hoping…

Poor Sonja! She is nineteen million dollars in debt, and has declared personal bankrupcy! Meanwhile she has multiple homes and throws parties all the time.  Poor thing.  She never had to balance a checkbook before and now she is in way over her head.  She needs a good man to help her, but it seems that her taste in men since her husband (J.P. Morgan no less!) left her for another woman. 

And LuAnn, the Countess.  She has no idea how ridiculous she is.  Her singing is a disaster, and she serenaded Jill at her birthday party, looking like a drag queen and sounding like one too.  Even Jacques, her adorable French boyfriend, looked horrified.  She thinks that she is the center of the universe.  She is Miss Manners, scolding the other women when they misbehave.  Her children seem nice though, so she must be doing something right.  Also, she has a man who loves her, and that’s something.

Jill Zarin? She has been under the radar this season.  Good girl!


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2 Responses to Update on “The Real Housewives of NYC”

  1. Nancy Ankner says:

    I disagree with you on Kelly; she is a total loser. She is so jealous of Bethenny:it’s so transparent. Jill is under the radar b/c her popularity rating is zero from being so mean to Bethenny last season. I always questioned Simon and Alex’s sanity but I think they are at least more reflective of their own actions and has better manners than LuAnn and Jill. You are right about poor Sonja but why would a pretty and attractive woman like her marry an OLD man. Yes, he is rich but his is a scum bag. A true case of “money can’t buy you class”. Cindy so far is strange. As for Ramona with her crazy eyes, I think she is the most reflective and aware of her own actions than any of the other Housewives. She tries to improve herself and yes she does slip and revert back to her old behavior. But she aplogizes and accepts responsibilities. Not Jill who still has not “own it”. LuAnn thinks she has class b/c she was married to old scum bag with a titil. She should change the words in her song to “titil can’t buy you class”.

    • mallorylayne says:

      You’re funny! We are back from Greece and Turkey. Let’s get together in the Hamptons soon! xoxo
      Re: The Housewives, I still love Kelly and I don’t think she’s jealous of anyone (though if she were Bethenny would be a good one to be jealous of).
      I feel sorry for Sonja, and sorry for her that she did marry such an old guy, but who knows what goes on behind closed doors or what makes other people tick? There’s someone for everyone out there.

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