Tracy Morgan Review – 2 Weeks Later

We saw Tracy Morgan perform at Foxwoods this weekend.  Seven of us.  Some of us had reservations about going after his awful gay-bashing comments a few weeks ago.  But, apparently he has been apologizing like crazy and meeting with parents whose children have committed suicide because they were not accepted for coming out (those parents should be dead in my opinion, not their innocent children), etc., etc.

We decided to go and that we would leave if he was too offensive.

We had great seats.  Thank you Little Brother! My Little Brother is quite The Man at Foxwoods.  He gets discounts everywhere.  Women are throwing themselves at him:

“I have to double lock my door at night,” he said with a laugh.

He gets comped for tickets and meals.  He’s The Man.  The Man.  My brother.

Anyway… I digressed again.  Sorry.

Tracy Morgan apologized with humor.  Several times.  I don’t think he meant the gay bashing in a serious way.  He makes fun of everyone.  He just made a really bad joke.  It happens sometimes, even to seasoned comedians.

Some of his funniest moments:

Rolling around his chair on stage as if it were a wheelchair,

Talking about his first girlfriend Annie and having sex with her.  She had one eye, and basically everything else wrong with her that you could think of, and he did a hysterical, “Annie Are You Okay?” Michael Jackson song about her,

When he saw himself on the big screens surrounding the screen and he said how cute he thinks he is (he is far from cute).

Anyway, he was okay.  Not great.  Hard to understand.  Too much sex talk.  Not terrible, but not hysterical.

We do forgive him though.




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