“The Big C” is Back!

I just finished watching the first episode of the new season of “The Big C”.  It is one of my favorite shows, and you can find it on Showtime.

Laura Linney is perfect as Cathy Jamison, a wife/mom/schoolteacher who has Stage 4 cancer.  In the first season she kept her illness a secret.  Now, in Season 2, she can’t stop telling people, and she is desperate to find a cure.

Linney is gorgeous and alluring in a very All American way, and even her young oncologolist is unable to resist her charms.  She is tall and thin and blonde, and does not look the least bit sick yet.  Overall, she is just precious.

Her husband Paul is played by Oliver Platt, who is always great.  Her teenaged son Adam is trying his best to deal with his mother’s illness, primarily by hanging out with his friends and “farting aggressively”.  Add Cynthia Nixon (actually baring some boob in this episode!) to the mix as an old college friend who has come to town and is now dating (and impregnated by) Linney’s bi-polar homeless brother, and you have a totally amusing and winning combination.

This show is a must see! After all, Cathy can’t live forever.



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