“Tree of Life” Movie Review

OMG!!! Why are movies so long! Why can’t the filmmakers cut any footage? 138 minutes.  It felt longer than the 127 hours when the poor hiker played by James Franco was trapped underneath rocks in the movie of the same name (“127 Hours” that is).

At first I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing.  I kept looking at my children and my boyfriend to see if they were as shocked by the film as I was.  Actually, I was hoping that they were all going to want to leave as badly as I wanted to, but no such luck.  Even my fifteen year old son was riveted as we watched about twenty minutes of exploding stars, fires, water, creatures evolving, hearts beating for the first time, as the earth is created.  Visually it was beautiful, but I felt like I was in a Science lecture rather than a movie theatre.  Classical music played.

It was cool to see the evolution, reminding us that we are essentially nothing in the scheme of the universe, nothing more than a mistake created by chaos, gases and flames (but it went on for way longer than it needed to, in my opinion).  I guess you could also call it luck.  The special effects and cinematography were incredibly beautiful.

There is very little dialogue in the movie, which questions religion and the meaning of life in general.  Most of what we learn is by watching rather than listening, though we hear a boy’s whispering questions about life, God, love and hate, good versus evil.

Sean Penn really doesn’t have a part and should not have been billed as a star alongside Brad Pitt.  Pitt is terrific in his role as an extremely strict religious father, trying to raise his three sons through tough love, sharing his life experiences with them in hopes that they will succeed in life.  Sean Penn is on screen for about two minutes in total, and his role is confusing and unimportant.

Anyway… if you want to look at a film that is visually gorgeous, this is your movie.  If you want to listen to classical music and question your faith and the meaning of life, this movie will raise those issues for you.   However, if you want to be entertained, or to escape reality for a couple of hours to let off some steam, this is not what I would recommend that you see.  It’s truly bizarre, and it really does not have a plot or tell a story.

If you wait for it on television I don’t think you’ll be able to keep your eyes open, but you will be glad that you saved the cost of a cinema ticket.




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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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