H&H Bagels Closes on the UWS

Everybody’s crying about the fact that H&H Bagels has closed on the Upper West Side.  Not me.

I never liked H&H Bagels.  Here are some of the reasons why:

They don’t have enough variety (no multi-grains for example).

They don’t “make” your bagels for you so you can’t run in and order a bagel with light cream cheese, tomatoes, salt and pepper and then eat it in your car or on the subway.

They don’t sell toppings, such as light cream cheese.  If you want something like this you have to buy it from the refrigerated cabinets, and good luck finding anything more daring than a hard brick of Philadelphia Cream Cheese (nothing whipped or light — God forbid!).

So many other bagel stores have better bagels, like Murray’s, and Ess-A Bagels, and these stores also make your sandwiches, offer flagels and flats and tons of bagel flavors and other delicious things like lowfat cream cheese and tomatoes or sliced turkey and swiss cheese and serve them up on top of your bagel (even cutting it in half) with a smile (at least sometimes).

So stop crying for H&H.  They couldn’t keep up with the times, and what happens when you fall behind? When you’re unwilling to keep up with the Joneses?

You go out of business. 

You snooze you lose.


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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One Response to H&H Bagels Closes on the UWS

  1. Susan H says:

    I have been nuts this past week but wanted to comment on this post. I am glad they are going out of business. I never understood why they did not have real cream cheese and their bagels remind me of Lender’s bagels. We stop at Essa when we want to bring New York bagels home. We are still deciding where to go for a long weekend. I may loose the battle of a New York weekend but will let you know. My husband feels New York is like Florida where it is not a vacation because we have so many friends and relatives who we would be obligated to visit. I think it is great that you are thinking of moving out West. I agree that you could always fly back for a visit. The best part of leaving New York was that I forced to meet new people and these friendships have been very rewarding.

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