Ryan and Tatum

Ryan O’Neal actually seems to be blaming Farrah Fawcett’s cancer and death on his daughter Tatum.  At least that’s the impression that I got while watching him interviewed on Piers Morgan yesterday.

He describes Farrah as the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful, gentle woman in the world.  Meanwhile, the young Academy Award winning daughter that he has basically raised single-handedly and shared an admittedly too close relationship with, was less than thrilled with her father’s partner when they first met (Tatum was just a young girl at the time).

These so-called theories that stress in life causes cancer surprise me when I hear them.  A neighbor of mine recently told me that she believed that she had breast cancer twelve years ago due to the dissolution of her marriage coupled with financial woes.  I have heard of back pain being caused by stress, but cancer? Sounds unlikely to me, but what do I know?

Anyway… if Ryan is trying to make amends with Tatum, last night’s accusation is not going to fare well.  If I were Tatum I would probably turn my back oh him immediately (though perhaps she needs the money from their new reality show).  Clearly he blames her for a lot… even the death of the love of his life… and that may just be too much for her to forgive.

I think he’s crazy.


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