Father’s Day Recap

We drove up to Mamaroneck in two separate cars.  My son and I were alone in the convertible, which is being returned today.  This is the second convertible that we are returning within two weeks, and sadly we have no more convertibles to drive.  Of course our convertible leases both ended right before summer started. 

My son and I listened to music and sang loudly, badly.  We had a great time.

The “girls” and my boyfriend were in front of us, leading the way. 

It was great to have all of our children together for the first time — my boyfriend’s two college aged daughters and my high school children.  Then we had the hosts’ children: my boyfriend’s two nephews who are in high school and college. 

Then there were my boyfriend’s parents and their friends.  We had a true three generation barbecue.  Very nice.  All that was missing was:

My children’s father (who is on a whirlwind three week European vacation), and

My father (who will never leave Las Vegas again).

The sunset was gorgeous on the drive back to the city. 

Nobody cried.  Nobody cursed at anybody.  Overall I give it a successful rating.  We are hoping that these gatherings become more commonplace.  For now though, we’ll take what we got.  No complaints.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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