About My Big Brother (on his Birthday)

My big brother turned fifty-three today.  He has always been an old soul, even when he was a young child, and having me as his little sister was not easy for him.  Whatever he did right, I did wrong.  Whatever I did wrong, he was tempted to tell my parents, but he never did.

He was not an easy older brother to have, because he was so perfect.  Coming after him created expectations in other people’s minds which I did not think I could fill.  I thought he was smarter than me and better at sports than me.  He was also a talented musician which I wasn’t, despite my attempts to play piano and guitar, even into adulthood.  He still plays guitar and composes.  He is still a ranked tennis player; I never was.

When I entered junior high school one of my teacher’s asked if I was his younger sister, and I innocently replied:

“No, I’m not.”

What can I say? Well, for one, I’m glad I was his younger sister rather than his younger brother.  The younger brother that we do have is seven years younger than my big brother, so there was not so much competition there, but being less than three years apart I could have had an even harder time vying for attention if I had been a boy too.

Here are a few special facts about my big brother:

He’s an incredible husband.  He has always been a one woman man, and he has been extremely devoted to his wife for over twenty-five years.

He loves chocolate desserts and eats one almost every night.

He has great taste in cars, though he drives with his seat so far back that if you are unfortunate enough to need a ride with him you will need to sit in the fetal position.  Although he buys great cars, they fall more into the “old man” spectrum than I would want to own (big luxury sedans with every bell and whistle), but his wife makes up for it by driving cooler cars, like a purple Mercedes convertible.

He graduated Law Review from Stanford (I told you he’s brilliant).

He loves the finer things in life and is fortunate enough to enjoy them often.

He’s a Renaissance Man.  He can design buildings and houses, write music, play tennis, handle all kinds of law business and manage young musicians and actors as well.  He can probably even change a lightbulb or hang a painting.

His sense of humor is very, very strange.

I love you big brother! Happy birthday and many, many more. 



About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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