More on Anthony Weiner’s Wiener

So now he is resigning.  The question is, why did he keep on lying and lying? Did he really think he was going to get away with it once the evidence began to unfold? Fessing up immediately would make things a lot better in the end than trying to cover things up.  Nothing is secret in this world any more.  That is why I tell my children that whatever they are posting on their Facebook pages today could follow them for the rest of their lives (of course they don’t want to hear this, but I believe that it’s true). 

Couldn’t Weiner have learned from Arnold Schwarzenneger or John Edwards or countless other lying, cheating men? He dug his grave deeper and deeper.

And now the question remains:

Will his relatively “new” wife, Huma Abedin, leave him? I say no, because I think many people have strange proclivities, and she probably knew that her husband was not completely “normal”, whatever that term even means.  If she leaves him I think it will be because she is trying to save face rather than because it has really shocked or surprised her.

The women that he was emailing lewd remarks and nude photos of himself to were also very pretty, a lot hotter than Huma.  Did he marry for convenience? Had he already tired of her? Was she not paying enough attention to his wiener, which clearly he thinks is very special (but I guess all men think their wiener is special, don’t they)?

And, by the way, Anthony looked pretty good in those photos! She may not find someone as buff as him if she dumps him now.  Plus, any other men with weird habits will not want to date her in the future, so that may leave her with a very slim dating pool.

Is it true that he accidentally sent some of these lewd correspondences to 20,000 people? How do you do that? I mean, I have sent an email to the wrong person, but I think if I were emailing nude photos of myself I would be a little slower on the “Send” button than usual.

Now he’s in treatment…

Who isn’t?


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