NYC’s Hottest Real Estate Area

I spent the day yesterday with an investor from Singapore.  He was looking for a place that he can rent out right away (also known as a condo), covering his costs, and he wanted it to be near Central Park, Riverside Park or Gramercy Park.

Why those parks? I thought initially.  They are harder to find condos near, and there are not many new construction projects in those areas.  But, I do as I am asked… and then I show them some new alternatives.

“The High Line?” he asked me in an email recently, when I suggested that we explore this area.  “Really? Is that a new neighborhood?”

So, I took him up to the High Line yesterday.  His adorable little mother had flown in from London the night before and climbed the stairs right behind us (she also wore a construction hard hat and climbed a lot of other stairs throughout the day, poor thing! She must have slept long and hard last night.).

They were blown away.  I showed them a fabulous new development on the High Line, along with apartments in Gramercy and on the Upper West Side near the parks, and threw in one building in the Financial District because it is (in my opinion) the best value down there and a two bedroom was selling for what one bedrooms are costing near Gramercy Park and the High Line).

Guess what?

He loved the High Line! We’re going back this morning to revisit the building and to explore the neighborhood together.  But first, I’m going to take a quick run up to the High Line myself.  I’ll let you know if he buys.


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4 Responses to NYC’s Hottest Real Estate Area

  1. Susan H says:

    I am missing New York now more than ever. Before I moved the High Line was just a plan. I live very close to a major city and they need something like this. I am hoping my husband surprises me for our anniversary this fall with a nice long weekend in New York where we stay near the High Line. I look forward to your recomendations for an out of towner(Ex-Upper East Sider) who wants to explore this part of the City. New York will always be referred to as “THE CITY” to me as long as I live.

    • mallorylayne says:

      Just let me know when you are coming and I will be happy to give you recommendations! For now, the Standard and the Gansevoort are the two closest hotels, though they are both very hipster. You will have to let me know what kind of a place you are looking for. I hope your husband does surprise you with that trip if that’s what you want. For me, who has been here forever, a one-way ticket to Santa Monica or Venice Beach would be my perfect gift. Just a few more years now until my children are both in college!

  2. Susan H says:

    A one way ticket to Santa Monica does sound nice so does Venice Beach. I love them both but with only a short weekend to celebrate by the time I get out West it would be time to leave. You never really leave New York it is always with you. I use to say I want out but once I got out I realized there is no place like it. Thank you for the names of hotels, I always wanted to stay at the Ganesvoort if not for this anniversary maybe for a big birthday. As soon as I know if my husband wants to do this (he may want to go to another city) I will let you know. It sounds you are ready for Venice Beach or Santa Monica and it will be fun to read about it when you move. Keep up the great writing. You are very talented.

    • mallorylayne says:

      Hi. We are trying to work out the logistics… namely, the fact that I am divorced with two children in high school… I cannot take them more than 100 miles away from their dad without his permission, and he is very attached to them :). However, I will keep everyone posted about California. Dying to get out there!

      I hear what you say about NYC, but after 50 years here (only a year in Philly during grad school), I am soooo ready for a change! I can always visit and truly don’t think I would ever look back. I would definitely miss our friends, but that’s what planes are for, right? And who wouldn’t want to visit us in sunny Southern Ca?

      Keep me posted on your anniversary plans.

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