“Super 8” Movie Review

My boyfriend, son and I saw “Super 8” yesterday, at my son’s request. 

It wasn’t bad.

The children were adorable, especially Elle Fanning as the teen object of desire, Alice Dainard, and Joel Courtney who plays Joe Lamb, a boy whose mother has died in a terrible accident and is left with a father who doesn’t know how to parent alone.  Elle Fanning is really a talented young actress, giving her big sister Dakota a run for her money (not that they’re in competition!).

There are definitely scenes where I felt like I was watching the children in “E.T.”, as they bicycled through suburban landscapes and pursued alien life.

This is not a realistic film, but it does have a very human element.  It deals with issues including:

The death of a loved parent and wife,

First love, and

Single parenting.

All of these topics are handled with grace.

And, meanwhile, the children fight monsters and work to save each other and their little town.

The special effects are cool and undoubtedly very expensive (but they definitely saved on casting, as you won’t be seeing anyone you know well other than the little Elle). 

“Super 8” is no “E.T.”, but it’s worth seeing.  We give it two thumbs up and one “it was okay”.  Guess who?



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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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