So happy it’s Friday! Aren’t you? I was at my volunteer job this afternoon (after being ousted yesterday on my “regular” day) and the women were going wild.  I haven’t felt that T.G.I.F. young woman vibe in a very long time.  They were singing and dancing around, getting ready to drink some tequila or something.  Maybe they even go dancing. 

I’m glad it’s Friday too, even though those of us who work in real estate work on Sundays (and sometimes Saturdays).  Looking forward to hanging out with my children and my boyfriend.  We’re going to look at some new apartments because we are thinking of moving! We may go to see Russell Brand (now that I’m a big fan of his intelligence, wit and sexiness) in “Arthur” or maybe some other movie. 

Working out… may even try to bundle up like an Eskimo and run outside on Sunday.  If you see a woman wearing a headband and singing “Pretty Girl Rock” or “Notorious” it is most likely me.

Working… maybe I will sell my new exclusive.  It’s a great deal and I already have one offer (which I got after only three days of showing!).

Cleaning out my closets.  Have to start to hone things down in preparation for our imminent move.  Maybe we will make a stop at Housing Works as the giveaways are piling up to spilling.

Tonight: eating steak with my two favorite men (if my Dad was here I would be having dinner with my three favorite men, but my Dad has not left Las Vegas in almost fifteen years and has no intention of doing so, so for tonight my son and boyfriend will have to suffice).  They all do love steak, though my Dad’s a filet man now that he’s in his late 70’s.  He used to be a Peter Luger’s porterhouse man, like my two current men are.  I love a good porterhouse too, though I wouldn’t turn down a filet either (kind of redundant in a way since porterhouse does have filet… oh shut up already!).

What I would like to do this weekend but won’t:

Go dancing at a club but not have to stay up late to do so or stand in line, ever;

Sing karaoke, loudly;

Go shopping with an unlimited gift card given to me by an unidentified millionaire;

Buy a new apartment without worrying about selling the one I already own;

Order a Jaguar convertible so it’s ready to pick up when my other convertible lease runs out;

Eat everything and anything I want without gaining an ounce (including but not limited to french fries, onion rings, chicken parmigiana, pizza, bacon, bagels, eggs, muffins and lots of cheese, especially burrata and ricotta with honey;

See Coldplay in concert; and

Have a baby party at my apartment with babies aged two days to two months.

What are you going to do?


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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