Hangin’ on the High Line

This morning I ran up to the High Line again.  It is so gorgeous!

I started out on Gansevoort and ran up to 20th Street, where it currently stops.  The new leg though which will run North at 20th Street, is looking beautiful and is expected to open in mid-June. 

If you haven’t checked it out yet you really should.  I never get tired of it.  The views are incredible, the flowers and plants lovely. 

Take your time and read the little signs.  There are some very cool displays, including Stephen Vitiello’s bells which ring every minute of the hour and culminate in 59 bells ringing at the end of the hour.  If you are there at that moment it is really special.  The bell sounds have been recording all over the city and beyond and you may recognize some of them, like the New York Stock Exchange bell.

My other favorite is Spencer Finch’s display of colors he viewed during his 700 minute (I know, weird amount of time) tugboat trip along the Hudson River.  He has translated panes of glass from colors that he photographed during this single day journey and they are quite beautiful.

Last year only one vendor was allowed on the High Line at a time, and they were shuffled every few weeks.  These vendors sold food or drinks, and were from local restaurants and food shops.  Today I noticed a number of different booths, selling, t-shirts and mobiles and other stuff.  I’m honestly not really sure what the deal is with this.

Regardless, the High Line is amazing.  I love that it’s so close to where I live.  I visit it often.  I bring my children up.  I brought my boyfriend’s parents up.  I run along it, sometimes alone, and more happily beside my adorable (and gorgeous) boyfriend.  I sit on the built-in chaise lounges.  I read the signs. 

You should too.   That’s what it’s here for.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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