My Last Marathon

The question remains: have I already run my last marathon or is it still ahead of me?

Today I am going to begin to test the waters.  I told my children (as my newly licensed daughter drove them to school this morning!) that if I can run for an hour today I am going to begin training for December in Las Vegas.  If I peter out early I am out.

I will begin by running up the High Line and checking out the newly opened second phase, and then continue north.  I will let you know how I do.

I’m fifty now.  I ran my first marathon at forty.  Honestly, I’m not sure I have another marathon in me.  My boyfriend’s mom says that I don’t need to run marathons any more now that I have found true love and contentment.  In the past, I needed an escape, and running for hours and hours at a time provided that.  Now that I have the perfect partner I don’t need to “run” away from my life (articulated perfectly by a doting Jewish mother).

 My music is loaded.  A few new singles and the newest Lady Gaga c.d. are on my Ipod, ready to motivate me. 

I am not going to count how many people pass me, because they all do now.  Ten years ago I could usually pass at least half the people I came across.  This is no longer the case, but I can’t let that discourage me.  I’m going for distance, not speed.

Wish me luck!


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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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4 Responses to My Last Marathon

  1. Your approach is sounder than the one I used before my first marathon: “If I can run three hours this morning, I’ll run the LA Marathon in two weeks!” I did run it, but it wasn’t as kindly on me as my second marathon, for which I prepared for a few months. 🙂

    I already saw as I was opening tabs that you made it 1:02–so it looks like another marathon is in your future!

  2. I’d been running, but I hadn’t been thinking about the marathon. I came in from a one-hour run to have my roommate say, “You’ve been running so much, you should run the marathon!” I’d never considered such a thing before then, so my response was–well, I suppose if I can run three hours, I can run a marathon!

    I’ve only run two marathons so far. I ran the L.A. one in 4:27 (at 25). My miles at the start were 6- and 7-minute miles. Around mile 17, I realized there was probably something to the “pacing” thing I’d heard other people talking about. My end miles were 13- and 14-minute miles.

    I wasn’t that much faster for my second marathon (Eugene, Oregon, 4:12, at 28), but it felt so much better on account of my implementing the fine art of pacing 🙂

    I’m back in L.A. after living in Japan and my native Eugene, and thinking about training for next year’s L.A. Marathon–it’s one of my “bucket list” type goals to run a marathon in under 4! Then again, if I never do get around to that . . . I probably won’t be too heartbroken. Crossing the finish line is an awesome feeling, no matter what the time correlated with it!

    • mallorylayne says:

      I was forty when I ran my first, and I’m now fifty thinking about my eighth. I trained for two others but backed out due to injury once and ennui the other… didn’t feel like driving to Philly after all that training, and it was supposed to rain to boot!

      Sounds like you definitely have an under 4 in you. Go for it! It’s a great, healthy goal if you train properly, but you know that! Once you have “the bug” it’s hard to let it go. I speak from experience :).

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