Marathon #8: Day 1, and High Line Phase 2 Review

My goal was an hour.  I ran for…

An hour and two minutes.

After the first minute (aching) I thought, “I’m one-sixtieth of the way done.”

After two minutes (still aching) I thought, “I’m one-thirtieth of the way done.”

Seemed easy then, but I was feeling less optimistic after minute four (one-fifteenth done… can I really do this fifteen times?).

I didn’t start to feel good until I had reached fifty minutes (that’s kind of scary, right?).  That’s a good sign, though, I think.  While training for other marathons I often didn’t find my stride until I had run for well over an hour.

Well… I am not saying no.  No, I am not saying yes either.  I am on the fence.  I am going to keep trying.  I will keep you posted.

A note: I ran up the second phase of the High Line for the first time today.  It runs from 20th to 30th Streets.  It feels very different than phase one.  It is narrower in most places.  It feels a lot more residential, and it runs farther east, so the river views are not as spectacular.  It’s still amazing though, and definitely worth visiting.  It felt a little creepy at times, though, so I recommend keeping it to daylight hours or walking with a very big man to protect you.  I almost felt like I was running through desolate alleys in a couple of places.



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