Anthony Weiner’s Wiener

My mother’s maiden name was Wiener.  What a terrible name.  The only thoughts it connotes are:

Penis, or

Hot dog.

Who would want to be named after either?

However, we don’t choose our names.

Take Anthony Weiner for example.  He didn’t choose the name Weiner.  He was born into it.  And even with that horrible name he became a successful politician, most recently landing a seat in Congress.

He did choose his actions though, including sending pictures of his wiener to multiple women online.  Come on, Anthony… don’t you know they don’t really want to see it? How did you feel while you were photographing it and then downloading it onto the internet? Did you think,

“Wow, my penis is so incredible that once I send pictures of it to these women they are never going to want to look at another man’s wiener?” I mean really… who wants to see it? And how could you be so stupid? You’re a public figure.  And, you’re married.

Shame on you Anthony Weiner.  Do what you want, but please do it privately.  No, you didn’t break any laws, but use some common sense.  And go out and buy your wife about three dozen red roses and a very large and expensive piece of jewelry.  Let her be the one to lavish your penis with praise.  Isn’t that why you married her in the first place? 




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midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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