Spring Cleaning

I’m telling you… cleaning out closets is life affirming! I had my daughter’s closet redone this week, and we took everything out of it before we started.  For the past two days we have reviewed every single item in her closet and created three categories:

Things we kept,

Things we threw away, and

Things we took to Housing Works today.

It is unbelievable what we achieved!

Her closet is clean and crisp now and you can easily see everything that she owns,

We made a huge charitable contribution today of things that other people will love and that will help others, and…

She has tons of room to spare!

In her old closet you could not see anything.  We found old backpacks with empty pretzel wrappers in them, schoolwork from two years ago, clothes that we don’t remember ever getting.  We also found a lot of good things that she hadn’t been able to see before, several with price tags still attached.

It’s Spring.  That means Spring cleaning.  It feels so good to get it over with, as painful as it is while you’re doing it.  You will feel liberated and happy when you’re done.

What are you waiting for?



About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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