French Open Review Update: Men’s Semis

Sometimes having a flexible schedule is the best, like right now when Roger Federer is playing Novak Djokovic in the French Open.  The winner will go on to play against Rafael Nadal in the finals this weekend.

Roger versus Novak.  I love them both so much, but I am definitely cheering for the old guy.  Yes, Roger Federer is now the old guy.  Can you believe that he is only 29? I was positive that he must be at least 32, but I just saw his stats and there it was:

29 years old,

Six feet/one inch,


Well dressed,


Charming, and


Djokovic is only 24.  He’s a baby.  That’s one of the reasons why I’m hoping that Federer wins.  29 is kind of old in tennis years.  Boy is Federer gorgeous! I love that tennis player’s body on a man: tall, lean, and muscular (just like my boyfriend by the way). 

My son, my boyfriend and I all fell in love with Novak last year at the U. S. Open.  He is a fantastic player and was clearly someone that you didn’t want to miss with on the court.  His game has improved by the day since then, and he is now number two in the world (Roger is only number three – boo hoo).  Novak is also funny.  He makes hysterical faces and shows so much emotion.  He is a bit like a gangly clown with his soft stick-up hair and his kooky mannerisms.  Clearly I am not in love with him in the same way as I am with Roger.  I just like Djokovic’s personality and incredible skill on the court.  I wouldn’t want to get naked with him though…

These guys are not giving away a single point.  They started out breaking each others’ serves, and they are playing neck to neck.  Unfortunately I actually have to go and show some apartments in a few minutes.  Work is clearly cramping my style while this very important match is being played.

I think that this match is going to last for five hours.  Maybe I can get uptown and across town and show my apartments and then see a bit more of the match before I have to run out again.  First set went to a tiebreaker.  I think they all might.

By the way doesn’t Roger look incredible today?  I love his red shirt.  He always wears the nicest tennis outfits.  And I love the Rolex he wears in the ad… but, I digress.

Question: You know who’s lucky?

Answer: Roger’s wife.


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