NYC Real Housewives in Morocco

Okay… so they fly to Morocco… in two shifts.  I will call them the “good” shift and the “bad shift”.

The brunettes fly over first.  LuAnn (the hostess — do NOT ask me where she has gotten the money to pay for this trip.  She is trying to rent her East Hampton house out this August to make money, so how can she afford a First Class trip for seven? No idea.), Kelly, Cindy, and Jill.  The “good” shift is excited to be in Morocco.  They are curious, gracious.

The next day the “bad” shift, also known as the “Blondes” fly over.  They complain the entire way.  Ramona is the worst.  Before she has reached the private home that the Countess has rented for them, she has a list of requirements sent over:

Someone to unpack for her,

Hangers.  Lots of hangers,

Pinot Grigio (give me a break already.  You are making yourself out to be the world’s biggest alcoholic!), and

600 thread count sheets.

The blondes sit in their chauffeur driven car and criticize the country, the people, the poverty, and anything else they can think of.  Truly world class travellers.  In her defense (even though I don’t like her) Alex is pretty cool.  It is Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer who are the problem.

I am beginning to think that Ramona and Sonja are going to become lesbian lovers.  The two are attached at the hip.  They drink together, dress together (sans panties for Sonja… which she makes sure to tell us several times… just in case we didn’t hear her the first time), the escape together the day the arrive, going to a 5-star hotel, ditching the other women and completely offending LuAnn. 

Somebody steals Cindy’s hangers out of her room while she is having lunch with the “good” group.  She is certain that it is Ramona, which begins Round Two of their boxing match (Round One was at the Four Seasons, where Cindy walked out on Ramona when they were having a drink together recently.  And, by the way, they used to be friends.  Ramona is the one who got Cindy on the show apparently).

The women seem to be getting poorer too.  Kelly points out how decrepit Sonja’s Upper East Side townhouse is, saying that it hasn’t been redone since the early 1900’s.  LuAnn is renting out her home, and has left NYC for the Hamptons full time because she can no longer afford the Countess lifestyle that she had become used to.  Again, how is she footing the bill for Morocco? One plus one does not equal two here.  She even hires the most famous fashion designer in Morocco to custom make gowns for all seven of them.  Go figure.  They definitely need more clothes, right?

I could continue, but I won’t.  The point I want to make is that most people will never have the opportunity to go to Morocco.  Most people will never have the chance to be treated to a First Class vacation in Morocco.  Be thankful ladies! You have so much to be grateful for.  Why do you have to focus only on the negative? Morocco is not about your suitcase of jewelry (Ramona), or your sexy Mermaid dress without lingerie underneath (Sonja).  It should be about adventure, experience, new culture.  You should be bonding with your friends, and thankful to your hostess.



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