Vegas Fashion Update

Las Vegas has gone seriously downhill, or maybe it’s just the world in general.  I am definitely feeling old.  What happened to the days when people dressed up in Las Vegas to gamble, go to shows and dine out in fabulous restaurants?

We stay at Encore, next to Wynn, which is a lovely hotel — very upscale.  The typical attire this weekend was as follows:

For women:

Huge silicone breasts,

Long but poorly applied false eyelashes,


Short shorts, and

Very high but tacky heels — five inches on average.

We saw a woman getting out of her car at valet the other day when it was about 60 degrees with 50 mile per hour winds.  She was wearing a very small bikini and very high heels.  Nothing else.  This is how the women are walking through the hotels on their way to their $1,000 seats at the Beach Club.  Not a good look.

The men are wearing:

Ugly swim trunks, and

Lots of tattoos.


Every night we dress up and look stunning in our evening attire.  We look like we are at the wrong party amidst these young, but not attractive, poolgoers.

And, here’s the update:

I lost!

I lost, and lost and lost!

Lost on Pai Gow poker (we have decided that it is simply impossible to win at this game and we would never play it if it weren’t for my father).  Lost a lot on slots.  Held my own on blackjack.

We are going to Pilates and for a final hour in the sun.  Then we are off to the airport, heading back to NYC.  We’re ready.  We can’t afford to lose any more money.  New York is a lot cheaper… and much better dressed.  I will miss my Daddy terribly, but other than that, I am ready to see beautifully dressed urbanites again.

The world has gone loco.


About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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