Still a Loser — Sort Of

If you are counting dollars and cents I am definitely still a loser so far, though I have the rest of today and part of tomorrow to catch up and win big.  I am actually feeling lucky today! I hit 100 on the Wheel of Fortune at 6:30 this morning, so that was $25, which is the highest I have hit in a long time (I know, pathetic).  However, I am not giving up hope.

Last night I was losing so much at the Pai Gow Poker table and the slot machines that my dad took pity on me and gave me his money when I cashed in his chips.  That hasn’t happened in a long time, and has given me the means to continue in my quest to win millions, or at least a few hundred thousand.  Surely the Gambling Gods can also take pity on a poor soul from NYC who flies across the country all the time to see my poor widowed father.

Speaking of my father, after a short bout of stomach flu when we arrived he is back on his feet and then some.  He looks absolutely stunning.  Last night he had one of his signature ascots around his neck and he and his 26 year younger girlfriend were beaming at each other all night.  His girlfriend was actually the one who convinced him to give me the money, as she felt so sorry for me.  She only plays with his money, so she could relate to a poor single mother who is just trying to win some money to put her children through college in the not too distant future.

My boyfriend is the cutest guy in Las Vegas once again.  We are having the best time together, as we always do.  Last night my dad told him that he has never seen me so happy with anyone in my entire life.  I could just eat my boyfriend up.  He is so handsome and we always have the best time together, wherever we go (or don’t go).  I love him madly.

It’s a good thing that we don’t have to pay for meals or we might go broke here.  Thanks to my father’s 365 day a year gambling hobby he is comped for every single meal, wherever we go.  Yay Daddy!

It is weird to see my dad with a woman who is my older brother’s age, but they are so adorable together that it makes sense.  Whatever makes him happy makes me happy.  And truly, I have never seen him happier.  He drives around in his new Aston Martin, top down, looking like a Hollywood movie star.  My mother used to say that he looked like Cary Grant, and he truly does.  My father is so delicious.  I could eat him up too.  The only man missing from the equation right now is my gorgeous son, the third man that I am absolutely crazy for.  I miss you baby! I am truly blessed to have three such incredible men in my life.

Okay.  Going to the gym for a very long workout now, since the slots are not accepting tickets at the moment.  The entire casino has broken down.  I have five vouchers in my wallet, just waiting to be inserted into the hungry mouths of my multi-reeled friends.  I have to exercise for a very long time to work off the Porterhouse steak, french fries and onion rings that I ate for dinner last night.  I am still full.  Yuck!

More later.  Hopefully you will be reading about the next Big Winner on this Memorial Day 2011.

About mallorylayne

midlife mom seeking meaning for the rest of her life.
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