The Real Housewives Update

Did you ever notice that there is only one thing that the real housewives of NYC talk about? Each other! It is soooo boring!

The show has really become a disappointment.  Even Cindy, my new favorite, does nothing but talk about the other women on the show. 

Only Kelly Bensimmon seems able to stay out of the warfare.  (I love you Kelly!)

Ramona Singer has become an alcoholic mess.  Her eyes continue to bug out.  The more pinot grigio she drinks the nastier she gets.  Her mouth is a veritable toilet bowl. 

Jill Zarin continues to cry and to offend everyone she speaks to.  She is looking younger and younger though… I would like to know what she’s having done.  Her hair is looking damaged though.  Too much red dye perhaps? Not sure, but it looks ratty and broken.

Alex McCord still thinks she’s a star.  She isn’t.  Ugly husband.  Ugly children.  Uglier house in Brooklyn.  I can’t stand her.  She irks me.  If she’s a model then ugly models must be “in” again.

Sonja Morgan is embarrassing herself by throwing cheap, boring parties.  Her ability to “forget” to wear half of her costume at her recent Masquerade Ball (which was no more than a crowded, pathetic cocktail party) was Sonja hitting rock bottom.  She bent over, revealing her entire tushy… and it was not “hot” enough to be shown off.  As Kelly said, even she is hiding parts of herself at age 42, and we know that Sonja is a lot older than that.  Put on some clothes Sonja! More is more in your case.

Only Bethenny Frankel had other things to talk about.  She discussed finding (or not finding) love and family, and trying to grow a business.  And look at her: $120 million dollars richer, adorable husband, beautiful baby Bryn.  Bethenny rocks!

Surely Cindy could be discussing her babies and her business instead of droning on about the other women and their “pecking order”. 

Get it together ladies!

And editors… find something else to leave in if there is anything else.  All of the catty fighting is getting very stale.  Reinvent the show! It is dying a quick death.


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